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What is the purpose of a commercial property valuation?

Let’s be real honest, real estate is a real investment. It’s an investment of your time and your money. Sometimes, the investment is modest. At other times, the investment can be quite substantial. In either case, all investments inherently carry an element of risk. This is especially true when buying or selling properties. The goal of a commercial property valuation is to minimize, or completely eliminate, as many of these risks as possible.

Valuation is our priority

Valuation is such a key factor in commercial properties. Yet, it is often de-prioritized by many brokerage services. Those who skip this critical step will likely find themselves taking on greater financial risk than necessary. Translation: lost time and lost profits.

The valuation process begins with a detailed analysis of income and expenses, comparable sales, and potential future values. Using this analysis, a commercial real estate agent can determine ahead of time if a transaction is likely to be profitable for you or not.

Having prepared assignments nationwide, our team of experts can provide our clients with much more than commercial property valuation services. A summary of our services is listed below.

  • Appraisals – Certified and MAI
  • Litigation support and expert testimony
  • Market and Feasibility studies
  • Acquisition/Disposition analysis
  • Investment Analysis
  • Tax Appeals
  • Right of Way/Condemnation Services
  • Highest and Best Use/Re-Use Studies

Our client list is dominated by professionals involved in development, finance, investment, or use of real property. In many cases, assignments typically involve complex issues surrounding ownership rights, income streams, highest and best use disputes, and other extraordinary circumstances. In order to accommodate such complexities, our team deploys extensive research, detailed analysis, and concise reporting focused on large, complex, unique, or multi-property assignments.

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