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Green Commercial Realty is the region’s highest producing commercial real estate brokerage firm. Our brokerage services include sales and leasing, market analysis, leasing evaluations and other types of consulting. In short, we’re not just a service. We’re your complete commercial real estate source.

At Green Commercial Realty, we’ve been serving our region for more than 30 years. Over time, we’ve seen how using the right, or wrong, brokerage services firm can impact your bottom line. At GCRE, whether you own or lease, our number one goal is to maximize the value of your real estate property. After all, the main reason we purchase real estate is to own a profitable and appreciating asset, right? With our team’s experience and community influence, there’s no better brokerage to help you do just that.

Making Valuation a Priority

Let’s be honest, real estate is an investment. Sometimes, the investment is modest. At other times, the investment can be quite substantial. In either case, all investments inherently carry an element of risk. This is especially true when buying or selling commercial real estate. With this in mind, our goal is to minimize, or completely eliminate, as many risks as possible for our clients. One way we can do this is through the process of valuation.

All of our brokerage services are grounded in valuation. The valuation process begins with a detailed analysis of income and expenses, comparable sales, and potential future values. Using this analysis, we can determine ahead of time if a transaction is likely to be profitable or not.

Valuation is such a key factor in real estate. Yet, it is often de-prioritized by many brokerage services. To be sure, those who skip this critical step will likely find themselves taking on greater financial risk.

What Makes Our Brokerage Services Unique

If you’re new to real estate, the process can seem overwhelming at first. Even the experienced buyer or seller can find themselves in over their heads at times. This is where a full-service brokerage firm can help. We understand the intricacies of zoning, development, and redevelopment. And by actively managing the process, as well as the other service providers, we can ensure that the process is as efficient and painless as possible.

With an average of 12 years of industry experience, our seasoned brokers have a broad scale of market insight. Drawing on this experience, we can provide a thorough analysis of the demographics and specific market conditions for our region.

Of course, you’d expect a full-service brokerage firm to have this type of market insight. That’s a given. What truly separates us are the core relationships we’ve developed over time. The trust we’ve established within our communities helps fortify our negotiation skills, no matter which side of the table we’re on. It’s our keen understanding of the market combined with our community influence that sets us apart from other brokerage services.

Our initial goal is to put together a great offering memorandum. Next, we expose the property to the entire investor and brokerage community. After that, we negotiate offers strategically on our client’s behalf. Finally, we meticulously manage the due diligence, escrow, and closing process. Together with our strong and growing network and innovative marketing technology, we are bringing buyers and sellers together to achieve smooth and efficient transactions.

Rest assured, when problems come up (and they usually do), we work creatively with all parties to resolve any issues and close the transaction. We’ve been through this process countless times and know how to expertly represent you for the acquisition or disposition of your commercial real estate assets.