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But for anorexics, the desire not to eat and to be thin seems to be already in them and not something they can pick up by looking at a magazine. ” —Dr. Ian Frampton, quoted in “Models Not Responsible for Anorexia,” Marie Claire, December 17, 2007. uk. Frampton is a psychologist at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom. “ Until we discard the victim model and admit that anorexia, though destructive, often fulfills a deep personal need, we can’t begin to investigate what makes a person vulnerable to it.

50 This happens because when the body is starving, it must begin digesting organ tissue and muscles for energy—and because the heart is a muscle, the digestion can virtually destroy it. The heart shrinks, growing smaller and weaker and beating at an abnormally slow rate, which markThe heart edly increases the risk of heart failure—and this shrinks, growcan happen quickly. Heart damage is the most ing smaller common reason for hospitalization in people and weaker with anorexia, and is the leading cause of death.

More than 33 percent of anorexics suffer from anemia, or low red blood cell count. • An estimated 50 percent of anorexics suffer from leucopenia, which depletes the body’s white blood cells. • Almost 90 percent of women with anorexia develop osteopenia, which is loss of bone minerals. • About 40 percent of anorexic sufferers develop osteoporosis. Facts and Illustrations • As many as 95 percent of hospitalized anorexics have been found to have lower-than-normal heart rates. • Even after treatment, about 25 percent of anorexic women never resume menstruating.

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