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By Naoko Chino

Scholars of eastern are acquainted with the time period "particle," and discover that they, like English prepositions, require a different attempt to grasp. This instruction manual offers all of the details one would wish on those tough devices of grammar.All approximately debris covers greater than 70 debris those who are used usually in addition to these used much less usually in additional than two hundred makes use of. The e-book should be approached as a guiding textbook and studied from commencing to finish. it truly is as a reference booklet, in spite of the fact that, that every one approximately debris shines. it really is mild and straightforward to hold, slender sufficient to slot into the nook of a shoulder bag, and concise adequate to speedy make clear particle-related questions. it's a useful instrument for any critical scholar of jap.

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1 ), t a r a N o t e :N ( # 3 5, 001), a o dω(#6 , I I I 3 ). 私は午後な 5暇がありますよ。 W a t a s h iwag o g on a r ah i m ag aa r i m a s uy o . /1 ' 1bef r e ei n出ea f t e r n o o n . 明日雨芯 5、ゴルフに行かないつもりです。 A s h i t aamen a r a , g o r u f un ii k a n a it s u m o r id e s u . / 1d o n ' tp l a n むn s . t ogog o l f i n gtomorrowi fi tr あの人が行くな 5、私は行きたくないですね。 Anoh i t og ai k un a r a , w a t a s h iwai k i t a k un a id e s un e . I fs h e ' sg o i n g , 1s u r ed o n ' twantt o . t h a tt h ec l a u .

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