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By Jarita Holbrook, R. Thebe Medupe, Johnson O. Urama

This is often the 1st scholarly number of articles enthusiastic about the cultural astronomy of the African continent. It weaves jointly astronomy, anthropology, and Africa and it contains African myths and legends concerning the sky, alignments to celestial our bodies chanced on at archaeological websites and at locations of worship, rock paintings with celestial imagery, and clinical pondering printed in neighborhood astronomy traditions together with ethnomathematics and the production of calendars.

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Die Macht der Symmetrie: Warum Schönheit Wahrheit ist

Von den Babyloniern bis zur String-TheorieTief im Herzen der Relativitätstheorie, der Quantenmechanik und der modernen Kosmologie verbirgt sich ein besonderes Konzept: die Symmetrie. Viele Jahrhunderte lang warfare die Symmetrie schon ein bedeutsames Thema in der Kunst, der Architektur und der Musik, doch in der Mathematik führte sie bis vor etwa a hundred and fifty Jahren ein Schattendasein – wenngleich ihre Wurzeln sich bis zu den Babyloniern zurückverfolgen lassen.

Cycles of Time and Scientific Learning in Medieval Europe

The calendar labored out through Bede is still primarily the only we nonetheless use this day, but the mathematical and medical reports of the early medieval colleges were principally overlooked in such a lot discussions of the cultural and highbrow historical past of Latin Europe. those articles by means of Wesley Stevens are in response to an unrivalled wisdom of the manuscript assets and supply a truly diverse standpoint, demonstrating the true power of this technological know-how within the early medieval West.

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You may not necessarily be a participant, but you have to be a keen observer. There is a problem here in the sense that at times you might observe wrongly. There might be wrong observations because if you are not very much in tune with the cultural information when the people might be gazing at the stars you may think they are gazing at the moon or when they are talking about the moon you may think they are talking about the stars. You have to be very friendly, very open to the people so they can accept you as part of them even though it is very difficult.

The arrow indicates east-west as established by the two places where the shadow crosses the circle drawn around the gnomon. The dot indicates the position of the gnomon Patterns of the gnomon shadow for mid-northern latitudes (Figure 8) and the equator (Figure 9a) are shown below. Note that at the equator, there is no shadow cast by the gnomon at solar noon on the day of equinox. Throughout the tropics, between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn, there will be days when the sun is at the zenith and the gnomon will cast no shadow.

To the south and east, High Africa is nearly all above 3000 ft or 900 metres. The exceptions are Somalia which is low lying, the lowlands on either side of Mozambique channel, the narrow coastal plains and valleys along some of the rivers like the River Zambezi, Orange river etc. Even the Kalahari Basin is 3000 ft or more above Mean sea level. The highest point in south Africa is the Drankensberg (Dragon mountain) which is over 3000 m high. In general, the surface of Africa is dominated by great plateaus several thousand feet above mean sea level.

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