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By Donald K. Burleson, Joe Celko, John Paul Cook, Peter Gulutzan

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Ways to number (n) rows, so which one do you pick? The answer has been to use whatever the physical order of the result set happened to be — that nonrelational phrase, "physical order" again. But it is actually worse than that. If the same query is executed again, but with new statistics or after an index has been dropped or added, the new execution plan could bring the result set back in a different physical order. com/oracle 51 Oh, why did duplicate rows in the second query get different IDENTITY numbers?

Com/oracle Keyword Search Queries CHAPTER 9 Keyword Searches Here is a short problem that you might like to play with. You are given a table with a document number and a keyword that someone extracted as descriptive of that document. This is the way that many professional organizations access journal articles. We can declare a simple version of this table. CREATE TABLE Documents (document_id INTEGER NOT NULL, key_word VARCHAR(25) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (document_id, key_word)); Your assignment is to write a general searching query in SQL.

This is how the Unix operating system handles its temporal data. The use of clock ticks makes calculations very easy — it becomes simple integer math. However, it is hard to convert the clock ticks into a yearmonth-day-hour-minute-second format. In the Cobol-style representation, the database has a separate internal field for the year, month, day, hour, minute, and seconds. This is great for displaying the information, but not for calculations. One of the debates in the SQL Standards Committee was how to handle intervals of time.

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