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By Michael W. Ford

ADAMU is a grimoire of Luciferian Tantra. This course is of the exploration of the darkish recesses of the brain and Spirit, remodeling the self right into a vessel of Divinity, the Daemonic itself. present in ADAMU are starting place rituals and conception of Luciferian intercourse Magick, the Forbidden artwork of reworking recognition and physique right into a Temple of the hostile Spirit, being Samael and Lilith, to begin the self and turn into part of the divine via awakening the logo of Cain, the 1st Satanist. ADAMU outlines perform which defines the how the Luciferian intercourse Magick course is a sucessful approach to initiation which purely strengthens and awakens recognition. Vampiric (spiritual) intercourse Magick and old Buddhism/Bon Po, together with workings and outlines of Kali and her a number of mythological guises. Adamu good points various discipline-building excercises on the way to set the point of interest for critical initiatory perform.

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In Aleister Crowley’s “The Vision and the Voice” he writes that the sign of the Mother and the four-fold word of CHAOS is equal to the seven-fold word of BABALON = 156. 55 Left Handed Tantric Sex Magick The Union of Ahriman and Druj – AZ The Yatuk Dinoih and Paitisha are both tomes of Yatukan Sorcery which explores the foundations of invoking and becoming via the Daevas and Druj from ancient 56 Persian lore. A development through the Yatus is the sexual magick and willed self-transformation from the fountainhead of Az – Jeh, known also as Lilith in other areas of daemonic mythology.

No longer would the spirits of the wind hold the Ahrimanes back, their desire would shake the foundations of the world. Astwihad went forth with Ahriman to conquer the winds of the earth, that all spirits and demons could ride upon them. And this was the first awakening, that of the Air. 34 The second battle, that of the water From the cold winds of the north did Ahriman come forth and enter the water with the demon Apaosh, who took the form of a black horse. Tishtar tried to keep Ahriman from this element yet found he could not, terror was abound by this counter acting motion which brought the chaos of the void to the ocean waters, many serpents and creatures filled it and Ohrmazd was proclaimed worthless.

As they grew Az consumed many of them, growing stronger as she drank of their blood and tasted their 36 flesh. Az sought to always create, yet her balanced nature was that she is also the consuming and blackened mother. The Fourth Battle, that of Plants Ahriman went forth upon the earth and took many forms which pleased him – wolf, serpent, toad, dragon and many other predatory and bestial forms. He brought unto the earth 10,000 diseases which fought within the bodies of all living creatures. Ahriman sent Taprev and Zairich to the plants, to beget the tools of witchcraft and sorcery, but also to join in bodies to produce heat and thirst.

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