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What will be the result of a society educating its children well, do you think? (Use to ... I is to ... ) 227. Use as ... I so ... to express these truths: during the winter, the shorter the day is, the colder the temperature is . A worker will work harder if he is given more responsibility. 229. Cartoon books are enjoyed even by very young children and by people who have not had a very good education. ) 231. His father owns a shipping empire and he is the only son. So, what is he destined to become?

75. Sometimes a government will lower taxes suddenly or spend some extra money itself on infrastructure, for example . Why? What does it want to stimulate? 77. The transport company said they would increase bus drivers' wages by 5%. But the drivers, who were on strike, still did not go back to work. Why? What did they reject? And why? 79. In each case what are they going to adopt? The new government is going to tax the rich more highly, just like the last government. The school is going to solve the problem of students taking drugs by doing exactly the same as a neighbouring school.

What was he employed to do? ) 118. Solo parents who can get no financial help from the government or from their family, find life very hard. Why? ) 120. There were a lot of native birds on the island. Then rats came off ships and began to kill the birds. To solve this problem, what did the government do? Now there are very few birds at all. In fact, they are almost extinct. ) COPYRIGHT © Keith Burgess 2007 All Rights Reserved. ·39· Acti vating 1001 Academic Words for IELTS PART 3 lesson 4: Superwords 121-160 Student A Think through the vocabulary and increase your speaking skills by taking turns at asking and answering these questions.

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