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By Rosie Hamilton-McGinty

With 'A profitable perspective' goals to let readers to be encouraged, self-guided, do correct through others, open tips to empathy and develop into worrying and compassionate.

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32 A W I N N I N G A T T I T U D E Whatever your level of self-esteem, take positive steps to improve it. Start by being honest with yourself. Develop a positive attitude by giving yourself: Acceptance – recognise strengths and weaknesses. Encouragement – take an “I can do it” attitude. Praise – take pride in your achievements. Trust – do what makes you feel happy and fulfilled. Respect – be proud of who you are. You can improve your self-esteem, it’s really worth the effort. 33 A W I N N I N G A T T I T U D E I have valuable skills and talents.

I like my appearance. I am worth knowing. Basically – I like who I am. 34 A W I N N I N G A T T I T U D E Develop A Positive Mental Attitude Your attitude is important because it’s the state of mind in which you approach a situation – it is the same you – the only difference is your attitude, which only YOU can control. 35 A W I N N I N G A T T I T U D E It’s not enough to know the difference between a good and bad attitude, you’ve got to put your knowledge into action. It’s up to you – you’re the one who determines your attitude – in the way you look, what you say and the way you behave.

54 A W I N N I N G A T T I T U D E Learn to address and deal with what makes you stressful. Take time out to reflect on necessary changes. 55 A W I N N I N G A T T I T U D E Trust yourself and your perceptions – have confidence in your abilities. 56 A W I N N I N G A T T I T U D E Learn to listen to your inner voice – it will guide you. 57 A W I N N I N G A T T I T U D E Learn To Welcome Changes 58 A W I N N I N G A T T I T U D E Experiment with new ideas, be flexible. Cultivate a sense of humour - don’t take life so seriously – have fun.

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