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Names are assigned to each year and certain effects on nativities and on mundane affairs are ascribed to each year. These influences seems to be fairly minimal and it would be too academic to discuss them here. (See ‘Jataka Parijataka’ Ch. 9 for a description of the influence of each Jupiter year on nativities). The current sixty year cycle began in March/April 1987. Yugas “Those who know the day of Brahma, a thousand yugas in duration, and the night a thousand yugas in ending, they know day and night.

It includes whatever liberates our inner spirit and creative force in life. In its proper domain it transcends organized religion and codified beliefs and is ultimately an individual affair. The pursuit of various forms of knowledge, including philosophy, science and the occult, as well as forms of creative expression, like art, are themselves lesser aspects of the goal of liberation. For this reason the aim of liberation can also be defined as knowledge. All of us are seeking knowledge or freedom in some way or another in order to extend our horizons.

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