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By George A. Olah, Thomas Mathew

The autobiography of a Nobel Prize winner, this booklet tells us approximately George Olah's attention-grabbing study into tremendous powerful superacids and the way it yielded the typical time period "magic acids." Olah courses us via his lengthy and memorable trip, from Budapest to Cleveland to la, with a stopover in Stockholm. This up-to-date autobiography of a Nobel Prize winner George A. Olah:

  • Chronicles the prestigious occupation of a chemist whose paintings in a huge variety of chemistry components, and such a lot significantly that during methane chemistry, resulted in applied sciences that impression the processing and application of different fuels
  • Is in keeping with Olah's paintings on super powerful superacids and the way they yielded the typical time period, "magic acids"
  • Details occasions because the e-book of the 1st version in 2000
  • Inspires readers with information on Dr. Olah's profitable contemporary examine on methanol, meant to assist supply an answer to "the oil problem"

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My wife still teases me on occasion that I always was a stellar student (she uses the more contemporary expression “nerd”) and school valedictorian. Studying, however, always came easy for me, and I enjoyed it. I was (and still am) an avid reader. In my formative school years I particularly enjoyed the classics, literature, and history, as well as, later on, philosophy. I believe obtaining a good general liberal education was a great advantage, because getting attached too early to a specific field or science frequently short-changes a balanced broad education.

Synthetic methodology (Barton, Nobel Prize in 1969), including the stepwise preparation of complex molecules (frequently those of natural products or biologically relevant systems), made and continues to make spectacular advances. Woodward’s (Nobel Prize in 1965) mastery of such syntheses is legendary, as is Corey’s (Nobel Prize in 1990) retrosynthetic approach, building molecules by reassembling them from their derived simpler building blocks. , that of chiral, optically active molecules) also advanced dramatically (Kagan, Nayori, Sharpless, and others).

Plato, in his Timotheus based on Aristotle, suggested that four elements made up all things in the universe: earth, water, air, and fire. These platonic elements were assigned characteristic geometric shapes. The elements were mutually transformable by breaking down their geometric shapes into those of the others. The doctrine of the four elements was further taught by Aristotle, who emphasized the broad principle that one kind of matter can be changed into another kind; that is, transmutation is possible.

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