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CUMBERLAND GLOSSARY. 16 Chance barn, o. an illegitimate child. o. the cry of a pack of hounds; the conversation of num- Chang, bers. Since 1850, James Bunting of Cockermouth, a man of seventy, charmed a scorbutic sore on a carter named Telford He took an ashen stick and burnt its end, and with it drew a circle Charm, G. around the He sore. ' Chasser, de- male sheep much given to annoy the females. See Huxnlin and Biggelt. c. small potatoes ; ash-tree c. o' grass, to shatter. * Chatter't E. c.

Brave, good G. Bravely, for ' superior ; fine of a ; sort. E. quite well. how's thou ? ' CUMBERLAND GLOSSARY. , K. a rounded stone used for pounding sandstone to sand floors with. c. Brayzent, brazen; impudent; excess of assurance. to press into a crowd, to scorch. c. Brazzle, &c. ; Brek, Break, c. the portion of land ploughed oxit of ley in the year. Brek of a Breme, ower frost, o. a thaw. E. to froth. ' It bremes it froths over the brim. ' ; Brenth, Q. pez. E. scorched peas scrambled Breuk't, c.

C. Blebbery, timid. ; the bleaberry Vaccinium myrtillus. ' Blab, out a secret. o. to let Blebs, c. bubbles; watery blisters. E. a vain-talking fellow. the bladder; to talk G. Bledder, nonsense. Black an' white, G. writing. ' c. , N. a gleam. ' Blenk, Blink, blenk o' A Blin, N. blind. Blind man's holiday, G. evening twilight. plexioned. Black berries, c. black currants. Blink, c. to move the eye-lids ; ' an opening a blink o' blue sky ' Black dog, on his back,' black dog's

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