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By David E. Lundstrom

During this own memoir, electric engineer David Lundstrom remembers the heyday of early computing, the increase of regulate info out of the Univac department of Sperry Rand, such milestone desktops because the Univac and the Naval Tactical facts method the exploits of CDC's best dressmaker Seymour Cray, and the slow company shift from the fascinating and technically attention-grabbing international of machine layout to inner politics and clumsy forms. - writer.  Read more...

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However, all the plug-in chassis containing the vacuum tube circuitry and without a full complement of Uniservos, These five machines had already been sold, so a sign was hung above each one with the name of the customer. On Tech nology and Geography 25 In the ea rly da ys of comp uters, each comp any bu ying one wanted to be sure that the ge ner al pub lic, and especi ally th eir shareholders, knew about the new acquisition. After all computers we re extremely expensive and the newest thing in techn ology.

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