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By Chogyam Trungpa

This is often the transcript of talks given by means of Rinpoche on the first Seminary, a twelve-week education interval of extensive learn and meditation held at Jackson gap, Wyoming.

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Whenever there is a gap in perception, between sense perceptions, then you refer back to the alaya constantly. So it keeps us going all the time. The alaya is active at the same time the other sense perceptions are also active, and alaya instigates the restlessness or drowsiness or potential of subconscious picturing, subconscious gossip. So alaya plays all the time simultaneously. That's why it is called consciousness. And it is definitely consciousness, rather than on the level of the ignorance that we generally talk about, primordial ignorance.

That little sense of effort is an expression of the sense of well- being, sense of survival, which is necessary and which has to develop. Otherwise, if you have no reference point, none whatsoever, and you are completely, so to speak, spaced out, then you don't have a chance to experience well- being, nor do you have a chance to develop good meditation practice either.

And the problem with that seems to be -- it is not regarded as a problem, by the way, at the beginning, first of all, but a sign that you are not actually in contact with the breathing properly. Its monotonousness keeps you in basic guesswork -- you just guess that whert you breathe in you breathe out automatically. And you are not even in contact with the well- being of the breathing at all. Therefore you could venture something else out. In other words, awareness of breathing, mindfulness of breathing is a way of creating obstacles to the subconscious dreams or the mental activities.

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